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Evergreen Turtle Rockets?

The "Evergreen Turtle Rockets" are a menagerie of enthusiastically gritty trail runners who enjoy each others' company in the most muddy/rooty/mountainous places of the PNW. 

We are based in Kitsap County Washington, but run ALL OVER the place. We aren't a FORMAL club by any means, so if you're looking for clean-cut schedules, road running, "checking your pace during a run", or membership dues.....you might want to look elsewhere. But if you like living live by the seat of your pants, joining a last minute dirtbag/trailrunning weekend in the Olympics, FKTS, running thru puddles, getting dirty, and inappropriate jokes.....then this is your tribe. 

Welcome to the circus, these ARE your monkeys. 

In 2017, ETR hosted our very first trail race, the Dirty Turtle 25/50k, and 2019 will be its third year running. So, born out of a need for race insurance......ETRR, LLC was created.  

Check out our race page or Facebook group for more information on us!

The Dirty Turtle 25/50k

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Breaking Records, and Raising $ for Mental Health

One of our own, Tabatha Collins, is setting out to crush a world record in 2019.  The goal? Most ultra marathons in a year - and she plans on running 52 of them, in honor of her older brother who she lost over 10 years ago. She's raising money for Kitsap Mental Health - a local organization which is near and dear to her family.  Check out the video below, and also her Facebook page (Break the Record, Break the Stigma). Link for GoFundMe will be posted below.

Break the Record, Break the Stigma


Come out and get dirty! We meet up at the Gold Creek Trailhead and typically carpool to the trail work site. There are usually extra tools available, but it helps if you bring your own gloves, eye protection, a work helmet if you have one, and some trail tools of your own (clippers, shovels, mattocks/macleods, etc)

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